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My Wedding of the Year

I was fortunate and privileged enough to participate in a rather unusual wedding on 2nd May 2015. My friend, John Trevillian married his long time partner, Marcus Cotton. (more…)

Sex Positive

The topic for this post is sex positive. Now, there are all sorts of definitions out there as to what this means but I’m going to go with my own. (more…)

The Pretenders

I was chatting to a dog on Facebook and I have to say, she was amazingly eloquent. Her typing skills were a little rusty, with a few spelling mistakes, but her overall conversation was in fact pretty interesting. (more…)

My prostitute story

I’m very much a person for looking forward. I try not to live in the past and when today is over, that’s it. You can’t get it back, you can’t change it so why bother. (more…)

Why do I support LGBTQ rights?

Let me very honest. I’m not gay, transgender, gender fluid, lesbian, homosexual or any other label society chooses to put upon people who are classed as ‘different’ from the norm (according to ‘set society’ stands at least). (more…)
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