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This is one of our favorite dishes to prepare and eat. This recipe easily serves 4 and the leftovers are amazing out of the microwave or oven. (more…)

Pork Chope & Apples with Rice

If you remember, I have a rough time cooking pork chops that aren’t tougher than the soles of my shoes. Marinated pork chops braised in white wine was my first successful attempt. Since pork chops are a favorite of Studs, the New Year…

Minestrone (Vegetable) Soup

A small bowl of hot soup is an excellent starter to any meal. You can also enjoy soup for lunch or dinner by adding a salad and fresh bread. This hearty recipe works great for all your needs. Add a glass of crisp white wine and enjoy!…

Damned Good Pot Roast

Winter’s here and our weathermen vow it will be a bad one. I’m digging out turtlenecks and checking mittens for mates. The good thing is I can use the oven and not only enjoy the extra warmth, but also the marvelous aromas. (more…)